Do You Really Need a GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

The development of the GPS (Global Positioning System) has altered how we travel.
It’s always helpful to know where you’re heading, whether you’re a city commuter
with a smartphone or an adventurous traveling across a desert wasteland.

Why use GPS when riding a motorcycle? What sort of GPS you need depends depend
on the information you want. The most typical justifications for purchasing a
motorbike GPS are:
 Biking frequently in areas with scant to no phone service.
 Frustration with traditional maps or navigation on mobile devices.

It might be challenging to determine which GPS device would meet your needs, but
many riders desire to utilize it to elevate their trips. Not to worry. We are here to

Even if it seems sensible to avoid purchasing additional equipment when your phone
has built-in GPS, the Seeworld S11 motorcycle tracker and similar devices have
featured much beyond what a phone can offer.

The technical information about what you receive with motorbike navigation GPS
may be found online or even on SeeworldGPS.comOpens in a new tab.

Benefits of Using GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

Pre-load Map

This is a significant advantage that GPS devices have over phones. Many high-end
navigation devices let you pre-load online-sourced GPX map files, mark waypoints
and particular stops, and upload the data straight to your GPS device.


Although many modern smartphones make the claim to be waterproof, they are
really more water-resistant. The difference is significant. The manufacturers of
phones don’t assume that customers will want to go adventure riding. In addition,
are you really going to want to leave your phone out in the weather like that?

Your phone is really at risk from torrential rain, wide river crossings, and the
possibility of abandoning your bike in one of these situations.

Less Sun Glare

Have you ever gone outside and mistakenly angled your phone’s screen such that
the sun’s glare hit your retinas? It’s dazzling. One goal guided the creation of a
motorcycle GPS unitOpens in a new tab..

Solid & Durable

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed about motorcycle GPS units, it’s that
they’re made to work in harsh environments like riding a bicycle for adventure. It
should go without saying that riding an adventure bike increases the likelihood of
the bike going over.

In order to better withstand the force of a fall, motorcycle GPS devices are
constructed with more durable casings and frames. However, your phone will break
when it drops from your motorcycle. You probably won’t want to take the chance of
smashing your phone off-road.

Why Is Motorcycle GPS Beneficial for Beginners?

A motorbike GPS tracker, particularly one designed for off-road riding, will also show
well-traveled pathways or routes in the mud, unlike a phone.

However, a motorcycle GPS can be useful even while driving; it may be more
effective at highlighting significant and/or sharp curves in the road and displaying a
warning about slowing down; some can provide weather updates so you can decide
whether to continue or find a detour, and others provide live traffic updates so you
can, if at all possible, avoid those areas.

What Are the Advantages of Motorcycle GPS for Group Rides?

The rewards are enormous! Everyone in the party can load the same map and know
where they are heading if they have a motorbike GPS, ideally the same one. This is
especially useful while traveling off-road.

The less experienced cyclists in the group will especially benefit from this since it will
allow them to move at their own speed without feeling pressured to keep up with
the more seasoned riders.

In addition, the experienced riders in the front may enjoy their journey without
worrying as much (or as little) about the cyclists in the back being lost (although this
inevitably happens anyway).

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