Is Duke 250 Good for Beginners? (+9 Surprising Facts!)

Some people say that it is too powerful and difficult to handle, while others claim it is the perfect bike for those just starting. In this blog post, we will look at both sides of the argument and help you decide if Duke 250 is good for beginners.

Sure, you can buy a Duke 250 as your first bike. Unlike its hyperactive cousins, the acceleration won’t send shivers down your spine, and instead, this motorcycle will be more sedate than others in terms of speed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

The motorbike is a reliable and economical means of transport, but it needs some fine-tuning to maximize efficiency. I find that when accelerating quickly or spinning up at high speeds on the gas pedal, my bike lumbers rather than accelerates briskly as one might hope for in such circumstances.

However, this isn’t much trouble under normal touring conditions since most riders will only twist their throttles far enough for short periods during each ride (I call these “glorified splendor” moments).

The Duke 250 is unlike other dukes. It’s way too silent, and you will not enjoy the ride as much because of this, but at least there isn’t any motorcycle noise making your ears hurt, which can be a nice change from all those louder bikes out on scenic routes.

It’s also slower than a 392 or even an R/T if that’s what interests you most.

The KTM Duke 250 is a little more powered version of the classic Duke 200 bike. The torque delivery on this model has been tuned to provide riders with easy handling, but it won’t give you great gas mileage when commuting.

Is a KTM Duke 250 worth buying?

The KTM Duke 250 is a powerful yet reliable bike with its naked-bike approach catering to speedsters. The trellis frame adds an imposing touch that epitomizes all bikes in the country and is sold by this company at their core – which you can feel when riding them.

Investing in a bike is always an important decision for every motorcyclist. They have to stick with it and know if the choice of buying their particular model was right or not so that they can enjoy owning one without regret later on down the line when things might’ve changed again.

If you wonder whether buying a KTM Duke 250 is worth it, here are some distinct features that make it a good buy, especially for beginners.

Beginner Benefits

The benefits of buying this bike are that it is easy enough for anyone can ride since they’re beginner-friendly with nice accommodations or climb capabilities if you want more challenges on your next trip.

You can buy the most powerful 250cc bike with 30 horsepower and 24 nm torque.

The bike is better equipped than most other 250cc motorcycles in the market. It has USD Forks, Steel Trellis frame, and Dual Channel ABS with a slipper clutch.

With razor-sharp handling, I assure you that the bike will put a smile on your face every time it corners.

Touring on the bike was a new experience for me. I have to say that after riding without any back or butt pain, it’s really pleasant and comfortable.

Distinct features that make it a good buy 

Performance: The KTM Duke 250 is a top-performing naked bike in its segment. Its liquid-cooled engine produces 30 BHP and 24 Nm of peak torque, making for an incredibly high speed when combined with the lightweight design.

Comfort: The KTM Duke 250 has more comfortable seats, making it easier to drive for extended periods.

Mileage: A bike is a perfect option for those who want to commute without spending too much money on fuel. With an average mileage of over 30 km per liter, this means that you will get your workout and save some bucks.

Looks: The company has been a part of the biking industry for as long as anyone can remember. The KTM Duke 250 takes its style from all those who came before it, with better color schemes and decals on wheels to make yourself stand out in any crowd.

Price: Though the bike costs more than other models, it provides features that make up for this. The Duke 250 bike cost stands at $2,746.

The bike is a high-end model and costs more than other bikes in its category. However, it offers features that make up for the extra cost of this luxury item.

The Pros of Duke 250

Look: When it comes to the naked category, there’s simply no other bike that looks as good. And with a fresh new 2017 white/black model in addition, and because everyone will look at your ride once they see how beautiful these bikes are – you’ll never have any problems getting noticed.

Acceleration: The feeling of pure power as you fly down the street is something that cannot be compared to anything else. I could feel myself moving faster, turning easier, and accelerating quickly without even asking for more gas.

I recently got my hands on one with a bonus: it’s powerful enough not only to take me places but also to keep up with traffic around town.

Road Grip: The MRF Rev Z ride is smooth and comfortable, with increased road grip for safer cornering. Higher speeds (100+ kmph) also provide more confidence when taking turns at high speed.

Slipper Clutch & Instrument Console: What is a ‘slipper clutch’? It’s an amazing function that allows you to change gears seamlessly without using your foot. And the instrument console was packed with all sorts of information like live miles log time traveled on this trip.

Smoothness & Comfort: The new 2017 version of the Duke is much more comfortable than its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for city dwellers and country folk alike.

The Front WP USD and Rear Monoshock suspension won’t let you down on the bad roads (mainly small potholes). I’ve been riding my Pulsar for 7 years now, so it’s no surprise that this is how well they work.

Breaking: Though they do not provide ABS, the 300 mm front 4 piston caliper & 230 rear discs will serve you well on higher speeds. The bite is appropriate for better control at lower speeds with larger wheels in mind.

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More Advantages

  1. Futuristic Look.
  2. Comfort Riding
  3. Duke 390 Look but with halogen lamps.
  4. Punchier in terms of power
  5. Decent Fuel economy.
  6. It comes with a Slipper clutch.

The Cons of Duke 250

Handling on Traffic: When I used to ride P150, the smaller handle was easier. But now that my Pulsar has become bigger with this new bar-style grip on it, sometimes when traffic gets bumper heavy and denser in amount. 

I feel safer because there’s more traction from all four wheels instead of just two.

Fuel Consumption: This bike is not a good choice for students who need to save money on their rides. I get 25-28 miles per charge when riding in the city and 33 – 36 mpge on weekend highways. 

I am sorry if this bike doesn’t work well with your budget because it costs.

Seat Comfort: The seats on my friend’s bike are much more comfortable than the ones I had before. Even though he has a CBR 250, Fz 250, or NS 200, it still feels great because of how soft and well-cushioned they sit under you as you ride. 

The old seat from when I rode his Pulsar was worse.

Tackling the Bike: When parking in a short space, I have little difficulty because my bike weighs 161kg and has a weight limit of 822 grams. The seat height is 823mm, so riding with just enough toe-in can make all the difference.

What makes KTM so good?

KTM’s clutch design is far superior to that of its Japanese counterparts. The company upgrades its bikes with each major model change, and they offer a variety of size options for customers who want something specific or can’t decide.

You can’t beat a bike designed from the ground up as a race machine. KTM has always come with stuff like fully adjustable WP suspension and Brembo brakes from their factory setting, which makes them one of your most competitive options for performance on the showroom floor right away.

When I think about my next bike, it’s All About the Quality.

KTM has better engineering, and more thought put into their bikes than Yamaha does because there is an easy-to-remove air filter on top of a 16 SX 450F, for example! Plus, you can adjust how tight or lose this chain tensioner makes things get with just one turn. Talk about innovative design right there.

KTM’s have a hydraulic clutch worth its weight in gold and maintenance-free and hassle hassle-free. You won’t need to adjust the cables or take care of them. 

However, if you want one, be prepared for an added cost as they are 100% more expensive than standard clutches.

Also, the resale value of a KTM holds up much longer than the other brands.

This bike has a chrome-moly steel frame. The material is much more resilient than aluminum, and it’s also easier to work on because you don’t have all those bulky pieces getting in your way when fixing anything up.

KTM makes a wide variety of sizes and models. Brembo brakes are much better than Nissin brakes.

KTM has two types of engines to offer customers: two-stroke and four-stroke. This variety allows them to eat into their competitors’ sales by offering a more affordable engine than what other brands sell at a similar performance level.

The company knows how important it can be for motorcycle manufacturers to compete in this industry, so they’re ensuring there’s no lack when you come knocking on the door asking about new bike purchases.

KTM Duke 250 problems

KTM’s Duke 250 is a high-powered bike, with the major drawback being that it does not have ABS. This makes city riding more difficult and other types of obstacles where wheel skids could occur, such as wet conditions or dirt roads.

There is no LED DRL, but it does have Halogen lights. The MRF Tyre is not so grippy due to its thick construction and hard rubber material, making for an easy ride compared with other tires in this category of grip level.

The lack-of traction can be attributed to how well they stick on dry pavement or wet roadways.

The Duke glides effortlessly above 100 km/hr consistently with a smoothness that is only matched by its power. The high revving engine never leaves you wanting for more as it vibrates at the footpegs.

Duke 250 alternative

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan: $2,532
  • Bajaj Dominar 400: $2,558
  • Jawa Perak: $1,707
  • KTM RC 200: $2,639

The Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a motorcycle that’s efficient and versatile. It can be ridden through different terrains, but its comfortable ergonomics make it an ideal bike for adventure touring. 

The 411cc air-cooled motor has plenty of torque which means this little machine will always have you covered with enough power when required, whether on-road or offroad terrain alike.

The Bajaj Dominar 400

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is an ultimate companion for those who want to tour long distances without getting tired. It features a powerful and ergonomic KTM 390 Duke-derived motor, which will make sure you cover lots of ground with ease while being comfy enough so that this ride lasts all day.

Furthermore, it also comes equipped with premium hardware.

Jawa Perak

The Jawa Perak is all about bobber-style motorcycles when it comes to style. This unique bike has a low profile with blacked-out colors and straight handlebars complemented by bar-end mirrors for an even more aggressive look.

There’s also floating type seating which makes you feel like you are sitting right up on top of its engine. A 334cc Liquid-cooled 1 cylinder motor generates 30 horsepower while torque amounts 31Nm available from Fryer Mode only because this model doesn’t offer Dual Purpose fuels as Gas Or Diesel options do. Still, they’re Available On request at Extra Charges.

KTM RC 200

With aggressive, performance-oriented styling and committed ergonomics, the KTM RC 200 is where your search should end. Justifying its unique logistic benefits are a frenetic 200cc liquid-cooled motor that pumps out 25.1bhp while weighing 154kgs – making it perfect for tackling any challenging terrain you can throw at this bike.

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