Is Electric Bike Better than Petrol?

Electric bikes have a lower need for maintenance, even after years of use. Petrol engines have many moving parts and are much more difficult to maintain.

 Petrol bikes have fewer moving parts (2,000 compared to 20-25 in an electric bike) and must be serviced every 5000-15000 km. These costs are far lower than petrol charges from conventional bikes, saving you money in the long term.

It will take about the same (maybe a little bit more) for you to buy an electric two-wheeler than it would for a fuel one. But over time, in the long run, you’ll save money because of inflated (or reduced) long-term cost figures like fuel and maintenance.

Electric bicycles are popular because they are more environmentally friendly. They are also low maintenance and easy to use.

Many people are switching to using an electric bike for their daily commute because of the numerous benefits. But some bike riders have yet to leap and are unfamiliar with why these bikes are better.

Reasons why e-bikes are better than traditional petrol bikes

Saving Money

With an e-bike, your operating costs will stay low. You just need to worry about the occasional charge, as often as once every 25–30 miles.

Rather than using gas to power, you can charge your battery while at work and only pay a few bucks.

They are super convenient to charge

Electric bikes have batteries that you have to charge with electricity. They can hold as much as 20-40AH, which is probably much less than what you can store in a standard tank and get from a petrol bike.

Electric bikes need to be charged for 6-10 hours and can typically ride around 100 kilometers. They come with a 3-year warranty if properly maintained.

Electric bike charges are low, comparable to the cost of using petrol. An average electric scooter will consume 1-3 units per charge, and high-end two-wheelers use only 3.5 units per charge.

You can charge your battery for less than it would cost to fill your tank with petrol. Changing the price of petrol to that of your local gas station will change the cost of a charge.

Electric two-wheelers are convenient. To charge them, you only need to plug it in during the day or overnight, rather than wait in line at a petrol station. It will take under an hour to charge up.

Reduce Emissions

Using an e-bike may lessen the environmental impact of your commute, as they are better for the environment than traditional bikes.

The emissions created by an e-bike are lower than those of a normal one, making them more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the environment.

Promotes healthier lifestyles

E-bikes support a healthy work-life balance, promote fitness, and encourage healthy living. If you use an e-bike to commute 12 minutes instead of the 20 they’d take on foot or by car, you can get all the exercise of an hour at the gym.

Electric motorcycles are comfortable to ride

The electric motor is very quiet, so you can ride a bike whenever you want to without bothering the neighbors. Furthermore, there is no exhaust noise which results in less pollution.

You don’t have to worry about vibrations when riding an electric bike or staying warm by the exhaust pipe on a petrol engine.

The cars are easier to use when navigating difficult terrain, and there is no need to worry about the clutch or gears. You can enjoy a smooth ride.

They have instant torque and power.

Electric motors can instantly reach peak power and torque from 0-200 RPM. Unlike engines powered by gasoline, electric motors are faster to build up because they do not have to run at high RPMs.

With electric motorcycles, you can have the same performance as a regular motorcycle with less power and more design to make them more lightweight.

Lower maintenance costs

E-bikes require very little maintenance. This means you don’t have to worry about oil changes, clutches, and transmission repairs. Your bike will require less time in the bike shop and more time on the road.

Zero emissions

Electric motors produce less carbon dioxide than gas-operated models of engines. These motors produce 50% less CO2 when grid-charged than a standard oil engine.

Compared to a gas-powered vehicle, charging an electric bike releases 150 kilometers worth of greenhouse gas emissions. When you charge an electric vehicle with renewable energy sources, it releases zero emissions.

Fueled by electricity, the motor in an electric bike converts 77% of the electrical energy it’s given. This is much better than petrol-powered bikes, which only convert 12% – 30%. You can help reduce toxic emissions and save our environment simply by switching to an electric bike.

Which e-bike to choose?

Interested in an E-bike? Check out this Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Tire E-bike with a sleek design, comfortable seating, and eco-friendly features.

The Nakto Super Cruiser is your ultimate bike for the city. It’s perfect for those who also like to explore their local trails or take a trip downtown.

With its integrated battery pack mounted low on the frame, Shimano Tourney TZ speed, CST BFT tires, and electric motor are all necessary for a great bike. It is capable of speeds over 30 mph and has an integrated battery.


  • 5 levels Pedal Assist System
  • All-Terrain Fat Tires from CST BFT
  • Carbon Steel Spokes
  • Shimano 6-speed Gears, and much more.
  • Superb battery
  • Excellent Suspension
  • LCD Display
  • Powerful Motor
  • Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Nakto bikes have an exciting and unique design. Using a sculpted body, your ride is comfortable and stylish. Nakto uses the best materials to make rides better: aluminum and steel. It has a cool finish that will look good with any outfit.

Powerful Motor

Nakto has selected a powerful hub motor. This powerful motor can deliver up to 500W of peak power and 65Nm torque, meaning you don’t need to worry about pedaling when going up hills.

LCD Display

The information about your bike is right at your fingertips with a built-in LCD screen. The bicycle features an all-around stats display, giving you, the rider, everything you need to know while biking.

Excellent Suspension

With a sturdy front and rear disc brake system, you are always in control of your bike. Nakto also has a suspension system to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Superb battery

With a 48V/12A Li-ion battery, you can easily make it through intense rides. The Nakto e-bike lasts up to 22 miles and 4 hours on a single charge. And since the battery is waterproof, you’ll be able to ride in any weather.


Growing concerns about pollution have led to the shift towards electric bikes, which are low maintenance and help reduce pollution levels.

The benefits of electric bikes are many, including lower operating and maintenance costs, reduced environmental harm, and more.

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