Is Spyder helmet good?

There are a lot of different motorcycle helmets on the market these days, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. One option that you might consider is the Spyder helmet. 

Spyder helmet consents as a good and safe helmet. TheYou should also note that it’s a certified and tested safety product made by an industry leader in its field-helmet certification standards.

However, you should also consider whether it’s a DOT or ECE-certified helmet. 

I recommend that you only use a helmet made by testing and certified. The reason for this recommendation is because there’s no guarantee of comfort level with other types, so why take the risk?

This is a helmet that you should consider buyingOpens in a new tab.. This safety gear has been certified by international agencies as safe for use in sports like skating or surfing where there are high chances of getting hurt on accident.

What makes it good?

Designed for safety

We all know that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. What you might not have known, though, is how many motorcycle accidents happen because their riders aren’t wearing one or using a sub-standard model.

Spyder has designed these amazing safety gadgets specifically for people who want to keep themselves safe while out and come equipped with composite shells, which make them virtually unbreakable no matter what.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a high-impact polymer that’s quickly becoming the material of choice for helmet manufacturing because it can withstand even more punishment than fiberglass. 

With its ability to absorb shocks and provide shock-absorption qualities, this stuff will keep you safe on your next adventure.

Made from high-quality materials

The new Reboot helmet also comes with a Dual Density EPS liner designed to provide comfort and protection. It’s not too soft like regular foam but still provides good impact resistance for falls or bike collisions, so you can ride all day without worrying about headaches caused by hitting your head on objects in traffic.

This layer is designed to absorb most of the energy in a crash and provides ventilation channels.

 Scratch-resistant visor

This helmet is thinner and lighter than traditional plastic lenses with its polycarbonate scratch-resistant visor.

UV protection and impact resistance: the new standard in motorcycle glasses. The visors also offer 100% UV coverage, which shields your eyes from harmful rays that can cause eye strain. 

They’re up to ten times stronger than regular plastic lenses, so you have peace of mind when it comes time for an accident – they’ll stay strong even if things get really bad.

Removable inner lining

The lining of this helmet is said to be more durable than other polyester liners, and it can even be removed for washing.

The special material makes sure you won’t sweat inside your riding gear.

The lining of this helmet is made from an ultra-absorbent, quick-dry inner liner that wicks moisture away from your head and into the interior, where ventilation systems at the back blow it dry.

Rapid release buckles

The new rapid-release buckles on the helmet are quick and easy to use with one hand. This means that you won’t have to adjust your safety strap every time before wearing it, which is great for people who wear their headgear often.


Anyone who sees this helmet will know that it’s one cool-looking piece of headgear. The graphic lightning bolt pattern makes us look tough and gives riders an added stat boost.

This is the best helmet I have ever owned. The cool design makes me feel like a superhero when riding my bike, and it beats those boring plain black ICC-compliance helmets that Caloocan last year forced all cyclists to buy for their stickers requirement.

I wish more colors were available in this product lineup because we could truly express our styles through fashion accessories.

The Spyder reboot helmet comes in various cool colors that may remind you’re more superhero team than any other. Of course, I immediately gravitated towards the Black/Red color because they are my favorite heroes.

Plus, this matches my scooter Chocobo perfectly, too, so it was an easy choice for me when choosing which one to get.

How much does a Spyder helmet cost?

Motorcycle helmets are an important part of any rider’s safety gear. The price range for a Spyder motorcycle helmet starts at $30 and can go up to 115 dollars, depending on the model you want.

When shopping for a helmet, you can find some of the latest and best models on popular e-commerce sites in the Philippines like Shopee and Lazada. Spyder has multiple stores nationwide including Metro Manila ,Baguio D unlocated city such as Cebu Davao Tuguegarao.

4 Must-Own Spyder Motorcycle Gear

Want to stay safe while on the road? Make sure you have all of your important motorcycle gear with ease. Spyder Philippines has compiled a list for bikers and would-be riders, so they can find what’s best suited just before getting out there.

  • Full-face helmet
  • Open-face helmet
  • Modular helmet
  • Motocross helmet

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