Is Svartpilen Good for Touring? (Surprising Facts!)

Svartpilen is a motorcycle that has been making waves in the touring community. Some people swear by it, while others think that better options are available. So, what’s the verdict? Is Svartpilen good for touring? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this bike and find out.

The svartpilen is an excellent bike; strictly speaking, it’s not a touring bike, but you could tour on this and have fun doing so.

When I first saw this bike, it had a very cool-looking commuter look. The seat looked thin, and there didn’t seem much room for luggage on the motorcycle-style single seat; even with my 30hp engine at Full Power (6700RPM), we can tell that these bikes are underpowered when fully loaded up.

Instead, if you want something bigger than what’s available here in America, then maybe consider another brand like Yamaha – they have some amazing franchises out there.

While in Europe and America, it would be suicide to take a bike with such weak engine power on the highway, I find that many people do this anyway. 

You can get run over by cars or blown off of roadways in these countries due to your negligence, at least if they’re not wearing helmets.

This is why my advice for long trips always relies heavily upon bikes equipped well enough, like suspension engines that provide comfort while touring and good handling skills.


The Svartpilen is a powerful and torque-filled bike that will be an excellent choice for those who want more than what their current 250cc bikes offer. 

It produces 30BHP with 24NM, making this segment superior to other smaller motorcycles in its class, such as Yamaha’sFragola manual chain-driven model (with only 15 Nm). 

However, if you’re looking at an upgrade from saying something like Honda’s Black Bomber Custom 125, then I would suggest waiting.

The other bikes in this segment produce around 25–26BHP or 20 NM for power and torque. However, KTM’s Duke 250 sports nearly identical figures with its Svartpilen counterparts, thanks to an engine shared by both models. 

They use similar parts like pistons plus combustion chambers, resulting in high-performance levels even though each has different cylinder count arrangements.


The bike has all the features that one would need in an affordable and well-performing model. The Dual Channel ABS is coming as standard for this segment, which Svarpilen offers.

It also comes with LED headlamps along with suspension travel etc., making it on par if not better than other bikes around its price range.

Fuel Tank Capacity

With a fuel tank capacity of 9.6 liters, the bike’s long ride is frequently interrupted by frequent stops for more than just food and drink; this could be very frustrating if you are looking forward to an endless amount of riding time with your new steed.

Service and Maintenance

This bike has a higher maintenance cost than other bikes in this segment. KTM may provide servicing throughout the country, but we’ll have to see how it works when you get your hands on one.

Styling and Looks

If you look for a bike that looks like it belongs on the street, this might be your lucky day. The scrambler is everything I look at in my motorcycles and then some.


SVARTPILEN is a bike that’s not for the faint-hearted. It might be expensive compared to other bikes in its class, with prices starting at around $1,759, but it offers much more.

The engine capacity and power output are similar across most models; however, there can still sometimes differ by up to 700cc or even 1000 cc, which would make all those extra bucks worth spending if you’re looking for something special.

The design of the Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 is not just for show; it’s also equipped with features that make riding easier and more enjoyable. The engine has been tuned to provide maximum performance.

The new motorcycle will be an excellent choice among riders looking forward to their line-up, giving them everything they need at a price anyone can afford.

The bike’s engine is quite raw and powerful; dare I say, it’s even more so than in KTM sibling.

The fit and finish feel top-notch with a welcoming led headlamp and a digital console that makes riding much easier on your fingers (even though you can’t change volume).


The seat of the Royal Enfield is harder than its KTM counterpart, and it’s also narrower. This means that after a long ride, you will feel all those potholes on your backside.

The front suspension is more firm, making for an uncomfortable experience when going through bumps in traffic or roadways alike, especially since these stiles can become quite painful after extended periods due to their sharp edges hurting skin (or cloth).

Their few downsides are Small fuel tank (which means you have to make sure there’s enough in the tank before riding) -Seat size; at just under an inch thick, it can be uncomfortable for some people. 

It also has less space than most beginner bikes which leads me to my next point.

This means they are not economical, not cheap for maintenance, and require a bit more to maintain than other motorcycles in specific classes. 

The case with the Husqvarna is similar too; it’s powerful but also needs special care because if you don’t take proper precautions, things can go wrong quickly. Especially since there isn’t much room on these machines (or little), making sure everything fits correctly will save time downrange.

Vitpilen is a scrambler with clip-on handlebars, and MRF revs FC 1 tires. Thanks to its long single-piece bar and dual-purpose rubber, it offers an upright stance. 

The design looks beautiful, and the instrument cluster packs all the goodies available on Duke traditional LCD units alongside some exciting engine sound effects that will make anyone happy at how much power this little bike makes (or sounds).

Husqvarna has some cool features that make it one of the best 250cc dirt bikes on sale. With an 8½ inch seat height, this bike can be challenging for shorter riders but perfect if you love motorcycles and want something fast without buying expensive gas-guzzling models.


Known for their unique design and style, the Husqvarna twins are two of a kind. One is meant to be an off-road machine, while another can serve as your cafe racer of choice with its classic looks that will never go out of fashion.

The engine is borrowed from Duke 250, so yup, it’s very powerful and peppy to ride.


The Husqvarna twins have a very high seat layout and are not meant for small riders.

Service is still an issue for many small towns, even when they go to the KTM or Husqvarna outlets.

Is Svartpilen good for a long ride?

This bike is fairly committed and isn’t the most comfortable over longer distances, though this riding position does accentuate compactness.

The broad, flat bars of the Svartpilen make it more forgiving on your wrists and back. The head is upright to give you better leverage when riding – this means that if anything happens like a puncture or broken spoke, then there’s less weight affecting how easily things fall apart.

The Svartpilen is great for anything more than the urban jungle, but if you want to tour with this bike, it might be worth looking into one of their touring models, like The DukeOpens in a new tab..

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