About Outdoor Caption

Jim Harmer is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful multiple companies and now dedicates his time to building outdoorcaption.com dedicated to those who love outdoors.

My career path has been exciting, to say the least. After completing my bachelor’s degree at BYU-Idaho, I went to law school. I worked incredibly hard to finish school and pass the bar, but during school, I started a blog about photography. By the time I became a lawyer, my blog was earning enough money that it was the better career path, so I built ImprovePhotography.com.

Now, I have a few different businesses that keep me busy Outdoor caption being one of them.

At Outdoor Caption my goal is to provide interesting and useful content to enhance and simplify your automobile ownership experience.

At Outdoor Caption, I provide more industry insider information, through great articles and my YouTube channel.

I provide great information, amazing tools and database around so you can start taking those adventures.