Which Bike is Good for 5.2 height? (5 Best Beginner Tips)

Finding the right bike for your height can be a challenge. If you are 5.2 feet tall, finding a comfortable bike that fits well is important. This blog post will discuss the best bikes for people of average height and provide some tips on finding the perfect one for you.

The best motorcycles between 100k to 150 thousand dollars would be the Honda Hornet, Yamaha FZ (150cc), Bajaj Avenger Motorcycle(s), and MT 150. The KTM Duke 125CC is also worth considering if you’re looking for something affordable but still powerful enough with its power reaching an impressive 52 horsepowers.

Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR are out of the question if your budget is less than $100k. The Jawa Pulsar NS can also be filtered for, as it has a price tag that ranges between 100K-150K.

The best bikes for non-gear riders are the Honda Dio, Activa series, and TVS NTORQ. These three have very little maintenance required, so they’re perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time on your ride.

Which one is my favorite? I like the Yamaha FZ for its versatility. It can be used as gear and non-gear bikes, making it perfect if you don’t have any budget constraints.

Why not get the best of both worlds with a gear sports bike? The Duke 125 and Yamaha FZ are two great options that will have you feeling like an elite athlete. 

If money isn’t too tight, opt for cruiser style like our test bikes -the Avenger 220 or Jawa 42.

For those who don’t need such luxurious seats but enjoy Gear Sports, either way, there are Non-Gear models available as well, such as NTORQ & VESPA.

You can go for a Bajaj Avenger, or you could consider getting an automatic bike. The Activa and TVS Torq are both gearless models that will be easier on your legs than traditional bikes with gears, which means they’re perfect if someone who’s not used them before needs help learning how things work.

The best option is a bike with an automatic transmission system. It’s easy, convenient and you won’t have to worry about your gears slowing down or breaking on the road ever again.

You can cycle on a folding bike with your height of 5’2″, and there is no problem if you weigh less than 100kg. The tires have walls that say they’re made for adults, but it’s important to check themselves before trusting them.

When it comes to cycling, you should never underestimate the power of your own two feet. 

Suppose this sounds like folding bikes are too small or do not yield enough stability. 

In that case, there’s no need to worry because they can be adjusted depending on rider height and weight preference by varying wheel sizes (12 inches -26 inches). 

Most suppliers will advise that their bicycles made specifically with adults handle loads ranging from 100kg.

The 14-inch wheel-size folding bike can handle a maximum weight load of 90kg. This means that you could ride this as an adult, but it would also be perfect for children who are 4 years old and up since they won’t need any gear components installed.

Almost everyone in your family will be able to ride it with ease, making them very accessible- both financially as well aesthetically.

Which bike is suitable for 5.3 height?

Hero Moto Corp’s new bike, the HF Deluxe, has a saddle height of 805mm and can accommodate riders as tall as up to 5-3 ft without any issues. 

The lightweight frame makes this an ideal choice for people who want more than just style in their life – it also provides comfort during longer rides.

Why not try out a Royal Enfield? The Thunderbird or Classic 350 will be perfect for you. They’re both very easy to handle and have their loyal fan base.

One thing about this particular make of motorcycle: they’re both reliable, powerful machines which have been around since 1948.

The Jawa series is a great option for short riders. It features low seat heights, upright handlebars, and forward-set footpegs, which make these bikes perfect to ride around.

I highly recommend the Pulsar as a great bike for short riders. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to control traffic. 

Since this one doesn’t have any extra parts that need replacing or often repairing (compared with other bikes), you won’t have trouble keeping up with your finances.

A suitable bike for 5’8 height

Yamaha’s FZ series is one of the best bikes Suitable for 5’8 height. 

The power delivery system and frame are perfect for riders who want to have fun with their ride without worrying about getting hurt or often crashing because it has an extra-tall seat height (805 mm). 

Which bike is best for 5.4 height?

The seat height of Bajaj Pulsar 150 is 785 mm and TVS Radeon, which makes it well suited for short riders. If you’re about 5 feet 4 inches tall, then your foot will be firmly planted on the ground as soon as possible with this bike in hand.

The bike is perfect for shorter riders as it has an 800 mm seat height, making the experience more comfortable. It’s also well-padded and great if you plan on doing longer commutes in cities where traffic can be heavy.

Which bike is best for 4.9 height?

I would recommend the Bajaj Avenger bikes for your height (4.9 feet) as they have a low seat and wider tires to improve balancing. 

Or you can consider the Mahindra Gusto scooter, which has an adjustable feature with its seats being able to go up from 735mm – 770 mm to make things easier when riding it.

Signs of a Poorly Fitting Motorcycle

A few telltale signs that motorcyclists use to determine if their bike is in good working order. These include being unable to put both feet flat on the ground needing extended amounts of time for standing or sitting down without feeling nauseous because it’s too low a seat height (stretching excessively).

 And not being able to reach some control units with your hands comfortably while riding along at speed may help identify potential problems before you even get onto something more difficult.

Finding The Right Type of Motorcycle

Cruisers are a great choice for beginners because they have lower seat heights and more comfortable ergonomics. 

The variety of designs makes it easy to find one with your preferred style, whether you’re looking forward or backward in time.

Sportbikes are the fastest and most agile bikes on earth, designed to be lightweight while maintaining high speeds. 

This means that they have very shallow lean angles, allowing shorter riders to easily access corners – unless you’re up close against your opponent.

Touring motorcycles are the ultimate way to enjoy a motorcycle ride without having any of your worries. 

These bikes have more comforts than Sport Tourings, but they’re heavier and don’t come with as many bells or whistles.

Standards are a perfect balance of form and function. They do everything well without sacrificing style or performance in the process.

Standards come with options for every motorcycle size, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Dual-Sport motorcycles are the ultimate ride for any traveler. They can take you from city streets to country roads and back with ease, making them a versatile choice no matter where your travels may lead.

The seat height on these bikes tends towards being higher than other styles because of their off-road capabilities – so make sure that this won’t be an issue before investing in one yourself.

How to Choose a Motorcycle That Fits You

When buying a motorcycle, it’s important to get in contact with the bike and sit on its seat. This will give you an idea of how comfortable or not-so-much for your size that particular model may be.

You should get a feel for the weight distribution: Lean from side to side and move forward/backward. 

If any of those motions feel unnatural or overly difficult, that’s probably not a good sign because it means you’re not comfortable on this motorcycle.

This is a great opportunity to make sure the bike will be comfortable for you. Take note if reaching any controls from your seat or how far away they are; these factors may determine whether or not this ride would suit what type of rider with their personality and style preferences in mind.

How to Adjust Your Motorcycle For a Perfect Fit

Motocross and dual sport bikes have the highest seat heights to accommodate more suspension travel. The softer off-road shocks make these motorcycles great for shorter riders because they sag less under their weight, allowing you easier access down from a standing position.

You can easily replace your bike’s suspension to make it more comfortable for you. If the ride is too rough or a dip in some roads makes riding uncomfortable, this might be an option worth looking into.

One way to improve your bike’s fit is by replacing the seat. This works well for large touring bikes or cruisers where standard seats can have a lot of padding, making them uncomfortable after long rides. 

A different shape and less amount will make all aspects more accepting than before! In some cases, it even improves comfort as well.

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