Why do dirt bike helmets look different? (7 Important Facts)

When riding a dirt bike, there is one thing that you cannot afford to forget: your helmet. You may think that all helmets look the same, but they don’t. This is because dirt bike helmets are designed with different features in mind. Some helmets have visors while others don’t. Some have vents, while others do not. It’s important to ensure that you get the right type of helmet for your needs, so check out our blog post on how different types of dirt bike helmets work.

Most dirt bike riders wear special goggles to avoid getting their head and eyes wet while riding. The helmet also needs good ventilation to prevent it from becoming too hot inside the helmet.

Why does my dirt bike helmet look so big?

Helmets are big because they protect people’s heads and the extra layer of safety that is put on top of it. A helmet needs two layers to protect against a bike crash or other traumatic accident- the first layer is for your head and body, and the second layer is for protection from other parts of your body.

A dirt bike helmet must fit properly and must not be too tight or too loose. This is because if the helmet doesn’t fit, it could easily fly off at high speeds, which can cause serious injuries such as concussions and brain damage. 

If you buy a new one without trying it on first, make sure that you go for one size smaller than what’s recommended by the manufacturer. The best way to test whether your head fits in a certain type of dirt bike helmet is through sizing; choose from S/M (small adult), M/L (medium-large adult), or L/XL (xl).

Dirt bike helmets have a variety of colors and designs. You can also buy different stickers to decorate your helmet with. This is a great way to show off your personality while you’re out riding. Just make sure that the stickers don’t obstruct your vision or affect the helmet’s safety features.

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Why do dirt bike helmets have a pointed chin?

The pointed chin on a dirt bike helmet is meant to keep the chinstrap in place. The pointed chin vents allow high airflow and protection from the sun’s heat on the rider’s face. This prevents it from slipping around while you’re riding, which can easily result in accidents and other injuries. 

If your helmet has an oblong or square-shaped chin, then there’s no need for concern; all helmets are designed with this feature (or lack thereof). Some manufacturers make their helmets with rounder jaws because they want them to fit more snugly against people’s faces. You don’t have to be concerned about looking ugly, or anything like that since most riders wear goggles anyways.

Are our dirt bike helmets the same as motorcycle helmets?

Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect people’s heads while they’re riding on two-wheeled vehicles. Dirt bike helmets, however, only cover the head and not the face or eyes of riders, so goggles are needed for protection against debris falling off of bikes in front of you.

Motorcycle helmets have a full face visor, great aerodynamics and are generally quieter and more comfortable than other styles. These helmets are good for casual trail riding and highway use.

Motorcycle helmets have built-in chin bars because motorcycles can stop more abruptly than dirt bikes, which means that your whole body will be thrown forward if you don’t wear a helmet with added safety features as this one has. 

Protecting the chin area reduces damage to other parts of the rider’s head, such as their nose, temple, etc., making it safer overall than wearing just any old dirt bike helmet (without extra protective layers) when riding a motorcycle.

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What are dirt bike helmets usually made of?

Most dirt bike helmets have plastic or composite outer shells to keep them light enough for riders to wear when they’re racing at high speeds. Composite material is also much stronger than normal plastics, so it’s ideal for protecting the head against anything that might come flying in your direction. 

At the same time, you ride on trails and other bumpy surfaces, especially if you don’t always use goggles as most people do. Dirt bikes are used purely as workhorses anymore and as recreational vehicles, which means that there will be more accidents.

This increases the need for protective gear, including helmets which can save lives by preventing things from going wrong even further into an accident situation involving traumatic brain injury or worse.

Most modern dirt bike helmets also have EPS (expanded polystyrene) liners designed to break away on impact so that the helmet’s inner shell doesn’t hit your head and cause more damage. 

The EPS liner is usually found in the helmet’s front, top, and rear for full coverage. It’s important to know what type of material your helmet is made out of before you buy it because some materials are not as durable as others to protect your head from potential injuries. Always do your research.

Can you use a dirt bike helmet on the street?

Dirt bike helmets are not street-legal in all states. You will need to check with your local DMV or other regulating body to see if it is illegal to wear a dirt bike helmet on the street before you make your purchase. If you’re caught riding without the proper safety gear while on public roads, you could be fined or arrested so, please be aware of the consequences beforehand.

A DOT-certified helmet is legal in the United States if it has the DOT sticker on the back. The Department approves the helmet of Transportation if it meets certain standards. These requirements may vary by country, but a DOT-certified helmet must have a number on it that indicates its compliance with safety regulations.

Some people choose to use dirt bike helmets for street riding because they find them more comfortable than motorcycle helmets but remember that it’s not always safe. There are different types of helmets made specifically for each type of vehicle, and using the wrong one can lead to serious injury or worse. Always play it safe and stick with what’s legal in your area.

Where can I find dirt bike helmets for sale?

You can find lots of places online to buy used or new dirt bike helmets, but if you’re looking for the best deals, it’s always good to go straight to Amazon! You will be able to see what kinds of options are available and compare prices between individual sellers (and their shipping costs), which other sites do not offer.

If you want brand-name products at great prices with free shipping, check out eBay Motors before making any purchases is recommended. Don’t forget about using cashback websites when shopping on eBay so that you get money back after your purchase; this way, you’ll save even more.

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Can you put a face shield on a dirt bike helmet?

Yes, you can put a face shield on a dirt bike helmet, but it’s not always necessary. Face shields are recommended for use when riding in dusty or windy conditions to prevent debris from getting into your eyes and mouth.

If you’re going to be using a face shield with your dirt bike helmet, it’s important to make sure that the model you select is compatible with the type of helmet you have. Not all face shields will fit onto every style of the helmet so do some research beforehand!


Dirt bike helmets are different because they’re made for this kind of vehicle. They have EPS liners that absorb impact and keep your head safe if something goes wrong during an accident.

It’s important to know what type of material your helmet is made out of before you buy it, so do some research beforehand! It’s also not legal to use a dirt bike helmet on the street everywhere, so be aware of local laws before purchasing one.

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